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The Pacific Northwest’s landscape is a reflection of the values we share for our communities. Westgro’s integrated pest management (IPM) program strives to ensure the landscape remains attractive and meets the expectations of users while preserving natural ecosystems for future generations. Trees, shrubs, flower beds, expanses of lawn along with wetland and native areas make up these open spaces and require progressive maintenance and protection from damage by both humans and biological pests. Integrated pest management is a sustainable approach to managing concerns by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical methods in a way that will minimize the effects on the environment, minimize domestic and health risks, while considering budgetary restrictions.

The objectives of Westgro’s IPM are as follows;
To protect the health, safety and welfare of the community and site users.
To provide efficient cost effective maintenance of our clients resources.
To manage existing landscape areas and site conditions with sustainable maintenance practices thus providing comprehensive stewardship of Pacific Northwest properties.
To protect environmentally valuable areas such as wetlands and riparian areas along with native habitat.

Organic debris is kept out of landfills and composted for reuse. Compost can be used to help change the physical properties of soil, create biological diversity and increase water/nutrient holding ability. Compost can help strengthen the landscape's foundation; soil. Healthy soils help promote clean water.

Proper irrigation design, equipment use and application help us to reduce water use. Protecting our waterways for future generations.


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